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The Team

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Stuti Sharma

Assistant Professor

Stuti received her PhD from SUNY Upstate Medical University under the mentorship of Dr. Stephan Wilkens. She did her postdoctoral research with Dr. Maofu Liao at Harvard Medical School. In her free time, Stuti enjoys outdoor activities like hiking, swimming and running.

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Caitlin Bricault

PhD student (BSB program)

Caty received her BS in Biochemistry from Stony Brook University in 2020 and completed her undergraduate research in the Collier lab. After graduation, she was an instructor for the Introductory Biology Labs at Stony Brook. During her free time, she enjoys long walks with her dog and baking. 


Andrew Hillowe

Research Technician

Andrew earned his Master’s degree in Biochemistry and Cell biology from Dr. Martin Kaczocha’s lab at Stony Brook University. After graduating, he briefly continued his research on chemotherapy-resistant prostate cancer before joining the Sharma lab. In his free time, Andrew is usually outdoors, running and enjoying trails, wherever he can find them.


Mayur Talele

Undergraduate student

Mayur is an undergraduate student studying Biochemistry at Stony Brook University. He is a member of the Honors College Program and is part of the class of '26. In his free time, he enjoys playing chess, soccer, and basketball.

We are looking for people who are excited about science to join the team. For open positions, email us at

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