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Conformational ensemble of Yeast ATP Synthase at Low pH Reveals Unique Intermediates and Plasticity in F1-Fo Coupling
Sharma, S.#, Luo, M., Patel, H., Mueller, D. M.# and Liao, M.# (2024) Nat Struct Mol Biol. #Co-corresponding authors

Mechanism of LolCDE as a molecular extruder of bacterial triacylated lipoproteins
Sharma, S.*, Zhou, R.*, Wan, L., Feng, S., Song, K., Xu, C., Li, Y. and Liao, M. (2021)
Nature Communications, 12(1):4687. * Equal contribution

Functional reconstitution of vacuolar H+-ATPase from Vo proton channel and mutant V1-ATPase provides insight into the mechanism of reversible disassembly.
Sharma, S., Oot, R. A., Khan, M., M. and Wilkens, S. (2019) Journal of Biological Chemistry, 294(16):6439-6449

MgATP hydrolysis destabilizes the interaction between subunit H and yeast V1­-ATPase, highlighting H's role in V­-ATPase regulation by reversible disassembly.
Sharma, S., Oot, R. A., and Wilkens, S. (2018) Journal of Biological Chemistry, 293, 10718-­10730

Biolayer Interferometry of Lipid Nanodisc­-Reconstituted Yeast Vacuolar H+­-ATPase
Sharma, S. and Wilkens, S. (2017) Protein Science, 26(5):1070­-1079

Breaking up and Making up: The Secret Life of the Vacuolar H+ ­ATPase
Oot, R. A., Couoh­-Cardel, S.,
Sharma, S., Stam, N. J. and Wilkens, S. (2017) Protein Science, 26(5):896-­909

Sporadic Creutzfeldt­-Jakob disease: A Review
Sharma, S., Mukherjee, M., Kedage, V., Muttigi, M., Rao, A. and Rao, S. (2009) International Journal of Neuroscience, 119(11): 1981­-1994

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